Skating Lesson FAQs

Q: My child can skate but has never taken lessons. What do I sign him/her up for?

A: All skaters new to lessons start in Snowplow Sam 1 (age 3-6) or Basic 1 (age 6+). All groups are formed based on the skater’s ability. If they are progressing quickly, the instructor will move them to the appropriate level.


Q: I feel my child needs to be moved to another level, how do I know?

A: If there is a child in any class that needs to be moved, the Instructor will let the Skating Director know and will move the child appropriately. All students are moved at the discretion of the Instructor and Skating Director.


Q: My child wants to start into a hockey program. Where do we begin?

A: Your child must start in the Basic skills program and when ready, will move over to the learn-to-play hockey program at Center Ice known as CHIP. You can follow this chart to help guide you along. When in doubt, ASK!


Q: I would like to have more information on private lessons.

A: Private lessons are scheduled through the Skating Director or individual Instructors. They are taught on Club Member Free Style ice sessions. Instructor fees range from coach to coach based on age, teaching experience and skating experience. Private lessons fees may range from $20-45 for a 30 minute lesson. This is paid directly to the Instructor. Free Style ice time is paid to the rink.


Q: What is the price for Free Style ice time for Club Members?

A: For CIFSC Club members, CIFSC charges $6 for each 30 minutes of Free Style ice time.There is also an optional monthly card that allows the skater to skate on any/all Free Style ice sessions for the month.


Q: What is the price for Free Style ice time for non-members?

A: Basic Skills members may have private lessons during Club Free Style ice sessions. Basic Skills students can skate on Free Style for their lesson only. CIFSC charges $6 for this time.