2021-22 Off-Ice Training Classes

Coach Codie

We would like to welcome Coach Codie to Center Ice of Oaks FSC!

Coach Codie will be offering Off Ice Training on Fridays from 5:45-6:15pm – following low ice – starting on 5/21.


This 30 minute off-ice class is for freestyle skaters who have consistent single-revolution jumps and have either landed or are seriously working on their axel. We will focus on rotational drills and exercises that highlight the body positions and alignment necessary for on-ice multi-revolution jumps. This class will also work on improving coordination, balance, flexibility, and core strength, as well as help skaters to develop their own off-ice warm-ups for competition and every day training. Skaters will need to bring their own jump rope and yoga mat. Any shared equipment will be sanitized between uses.

If your skater is interested, please send him an email at codie.hazen@gmail.com with your skater’s name, age, skating level, and if/what kind of  experience they have with off-ice training. Please communicate with and get the “ok” from your skater’s head coach before contacting him.

Coach Tracey

Coach Tracey will be offering off-ice classes over the summer starting on Tuesday, June 22, from 5-5:30 PM.

The class will focus on agility (quickness) for reaction time in jumps using agility ladder training. We will also focus on balance and core strength working with off-ice spinners.  Each class will conclude with learning a new spin position and training it on the spinner, followed by stretching.  Skaters will need sneakers, mat and water. Spinners will be provided.

Email Coach Tracey at Traceykrall@hotmail.com for more information or to sign up.