Freestyle Etiquette and Safety Rules

Clearing the Ice [Image]

Clearing the Ice: When the ice resurfacer horn sounds, all skaters and coaches must leave the ice immediately. If you are skating to your music, please stop skating immediately, turn off music and clear the ice –- no exceptions.

Basic rules governing all behavior

  1. Please respect the rights of others.
  2. Please respect the arena’s property and the property of others.

Specific rules governing free skating sessions

  • The maximum number of (depending on size and level) skaters will be allowed on each session.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately and have your hair up and out of your face.
  • No breakable containers are allowed around the rink. Food is not permitted near the ice. Please have your snack on the way to the rink or before you get on the ice.
  • Please pick up all belongings (including dirty tissues, water cups, bottles, etc.) at the end of the session.
  • Parents and skaters not in the session or other spectators should not loiter at the door. This is unsafe and it interferes with a constructive training session.
  • Coaching by parents from the bleachers or door is not allowed at any time. Parents will be asked to leave the arena if this happens.
  • The benches by the ice are to be used by the skaters and coaches only.
  • If skaters must talk to someone off the ice, even if for a brief time, they need to get off the ice to do so or the skater will be asked to leave the ice.
  • Please keep talking to other skaters on the ice to a bare minimum.  If you are on the ice you should be practicing or working with your coach.  If you are asked by a Coach more than once to stop talking on the ice you will be asked to leave the ice for the remainder of that session.  Skaters are not permitted to “coach” other skaters.
  • No back spirals or other elements that do not allow you to look behind you unless you are working with a coach.
  • It is important for everyone’s safety that all skaters stay aware of other skaters on the ice. Try to anticipate their patterns as you decide your own pattern.
  • If you are a less experienced skater, please be extra careful to stay aware of other skaters and to look ahead of where you are skating to see what others are doing or are about to do.
  • If you are an experienced skater, please be patient with the less experienced skaters. Remember – you were new to freestyles at one time, too.
  • Please be understanding if someone gets in your way. Remember to look both ways before leaving the railing or skating across the ice. Keep moving while on the ice, as it is dangerous for both you and other skaters to stand still during a session. It is especially important not to stop in the middle of the ice or any of the jumping corners.

[box type=”bio”] Skaters will be given one warning if they are not following the freestyle rules. If it continues, they will be asked to leave the ice for the rest of that session.[/box]

Right of Way

  • The skater doing a routine to music has the right of way. A yellow vest will be provided to help identify the skater whose music is being played. Please stay aware of which skater is doing his or her routine and do your best to stay clear of his or her pattern.
  • Please wear the vest when you play your music to help other skaters know you are skating your routine.
  • Skaters taking a lesson have the right of way over general skaters in the session.


  • Program music will be played on a rotational basis. This will be done on the honor system, with the responsibility left to the skaters and coaches or if there is an ice monitor, please sign up on the appropriate sheet.
  • After a skater’s music has been played, you may sign up at the list to re-enter the rotation.
  • Not everyone will be able to play their music on full sessions due to lengths of programs.
  • Coaches may put the name of a student they are teaching ahead of other skaters. Everyone should appreciate this policy when they are in a lesson enjoying this privilege and graciously accept this policy when they are the ones being asked to wait in line.
  • Please do not stop and restart your music if another skater is waiting in line.
  • Coaches and the ice monitor are the only ones allowed to run the music equipment during full sessions.

Props used in Showcase Programs

  • NO props of ANY size are to be stored at Center Ice. Storage of props are your (skater/parent/coach) responsibility
  • Props are allowed on the ice during a lesson only. Coach is expected to move the prop out of the way as early as possible during the program.

Prohibited Behavior

  • Kicking, digging holes, scraping or stomping the ice with your blades and kicking the railings are prohibited. Any skater engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the session immediately.
  • Being verbally abusive to other skaters or coaches is prohibited. Any skater engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the session immediately.
  • Deliberately challenging, scaring or intentionally blocking another skater is prohibited. Any skater engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the ice immediately for an indefinite period of time.
  • Videotaping anyone other than your own skater without permission is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Anyone engaging in this behavior will be asked to leave the arena for an indefinite period of time.