This page contains tips and tidbits for all of our figure skaters. Check back for more tips.

How to Dress for Figure Skating Practice

What, When, Where, How and Why: A Guide to Buying a Figure Skate


Whether your skater is interested in getting into competitive skating or looking for a booster lesson to help them pass a certain level, a coach can help.


Unlike ballet, dance, or gymnastics, where learning occurs in a group lesson format most of the time, figure skating is mastered through private lessons. So, if your child is really interested in mastering figure skating, your first step is to select a private lesson coach.

Competitive Skaters require a private coach in order to enter a child into a competition and qualify for any tests as they progress past the Basic Skills and Figure Skating levels. A coach knows what is required in a competitive routine and any testing they may do.


You may also want to hire a private coach for a booster lesson for your skater. If they are struggling with a particular skill or having trouble passing a certain level, a coach can help. The extra one-on-one focus is sometimes all that is needed to be able to pass to the next level.
A weekly or bi-weekly lesson with a coach can make a big difference in your skaters progress. If there is a CIFSC coach you are interested in, you can talk to them directly or if you need assistance, contact Karyn Canning at 610-650-9690 x 18.